Project Highlight:


Cavanagh exceeded Customer expectations by providing superior service in managing multiple scopes with varying schedule demands

Technical Performance

  • Identified most effective compliance paths for Customer’s multiple scopes of work
  • Safely performed repackaging, transportation, and disposal of Customer’s waste material with zero incidents

Schedule Performance

  • Maintained uninterrupted operations to complete multiples scopes while meeting various project milestone schedules
  • Saved the Customer over 30% cost savings by incorporating efficient packaging options


Cavanagh Services Group has transported material from over 70 different projects over 6 million miles in 5 years with an excellent safety record.  We perform widespread logistics management and transportation services throughout the US.  Cavanagh applies its expertise to analyze the best logistics approach to ensure optimal project performance.  Transportation costs are often a large percentage of the project costs yet our logistic services consistently save our Customers 30 – 40% of their project cost.

Cavanagh manages logistics for both rail and truck transportation.  Our logistics services efficiently integrate the following activities to ensure top project performance:

  • Development of project plans and procedures
  • Contracting and management of supply chain
  • Delivery of quality equipment and supplies
  • Packaging of waste
  • Planning and coordination of transportation activities
  • Compliance inspections
  • Transloading containers from truck to rail
  • Scheduling
  • Billing of outbound shipments
  • Shipment and equipment tracking and tracing
  • Coordination with treatment and disposal facilities

We constantly seek new and innovative options to address our Customers' unique issues. Innovative services, supplies, and equipment are always available to our Customers.

Rail Transportation

Cavanagh Services Group is a permitted US DOT Hazardous Waste Transporter.  Cavanagh is a major rail transporter that has transported materials by rail from numerous, large-volume environmental projects to a variety of disposal facilities throughout the US.  We utilize our own fleet of flatbed railcars and gondola railcars to safely transport material.  Rail transportation is the preferred mode of transportation for large volume, long distance projects. 

Cavanagh also sets up and operates transload facilities around the country to perform the activities of loading/unloading containers from truck-to-rail and vice versa.  This allows us to provide our Customer with an economical rail solution even when the project site has no direct rail access.

We maintain current contracts with the major US railroad companies, e.g., Union Pacific, CSX, and Norfolk Southern.  Cavanagh’s rail transportation services include:

    • Contract management with railroad companies
    • Preparation and submittal of railroad shipping documentation
    • Operation and management of transloading activities, when needed
    • Daily shipment tracking and expediting for the efficient and timely management of the shipments
    • Perform Shipment Compliance Inspections at receiving facility
    • Railcar technical and maintenance support

As an approved Federal government contractor, we possess a thorough understanding of all applicable Federal rail transportation and Department of Transportation regulations.

Truck Transportation

Cavanagh Services Group has performed multi-year, long-term truck transportation projects for several commercial and government Customers.  We also support our Customers with smaller, short-term turnkey projects that include initial delivery, scheduling, compliance inspections, preparation of shipping documentation, shipment management and tracking.

Truck types offered include flatbeds, rolloffs, vans, dump, and other specialty trucks as needed.   We develop all project transportation plans, blocking and bracing plans, and loading and unloading plans in support of specific project requirements. We add value by providing essential permits such as the Tennessee License to Transport and the Utah Generator Site Access Permit.   At a minimum, we verify regulatory compliance for our trucking projects by using only pre-qualified trucking firms that meet all the necessary DOT regulations.