A Message From Our President

The idea of Cavanagh Services Group, Inc., began with someone asking, “Can you help me?”  Well that someone became the company’s first and biggest Customer and Cavanagh has not stopped helping its Customers since that day in 2002.

We believe that listening and focusing on what the Customer truly needs has been essential to the success of Cavanagh.  If you listen to your Customers and help them achieve their goals, you have forever become part of their equation for success.  Cavanagh truly believes its Customers come first and treats them that way.  Exceptional Customer care is where we set the bar.

Cavanagh is proud for being known as a company that creates new and more efficient ways to meet project objectives.   Life is not black and white and neither is Cavanagh’s approach to our Customers.  Our Customers call us “responsive”, “flexible”, and “easy to work with”.  Cavanagh maintains its successful style through the company’s biggest asset, its people.    

Cavanagh sees the big picture.  We want success for our Customers.  We listen, work hard and deliver that success.

As a business owner, I know if it weren’t for our Customers, Cavanagh wouldn’t be here!  So we thank each of our Customers and commit to each one that our high level of care will always be our standard.

Yours truly,


Susan P. Rice

Susan ("Sue") P. Rice possesses over 20 years experience in the waste management and transportation industry.

Her keen business management insight; growing experience; and expanding knowledge keeps her moving forward and upward with great success.

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