Packaging & Equipment

Project Highlight:


Cavanagh exceeded Customer expectations by providing fast and reliable response to changes in Customer’s project schedule

Technical Performance

  • Implemented a large, logistics operation over a 3-year period that produced a substantial cost reduction in packaging and transportation costs for the Customer

Schedule Performance

  • Provided rapid response to Customer’s unforeseen schedule changes in a manner that prevented any standby time or costs
  • Closed out long-term project operations for Customer in a timeframe that minimized overall project costs

Cavanagh Services Group offers our Customers a variety of industrial and bulk packaging options to meet specific project needs.  We work closely with our Customers to understand individual project needs and requirements.  This approach allows us to provide a DOT compliant, cost effective strategy for each project and client.  We have saved our Customers large expenditures using our integrated services which provide the best combination of packaging and mode of transport.  This combination of services ensures packaging and equipment are compatible with individual treatment and disposal facility receipt criteria.

All equipment is maintained in compliance with our NQA-1 based Quality Assurance Program, the Department of Transportation (DOT), and Federal railroad regulations.  Cavanagh gives Customers options and solutions for more challenging, complex waste streams along with standard construction debris.  We take the guess work out and always keep safety first!


Gondola Railcars

  • Privately owned
  • Hard Lids or Tarps available
  • Designed for Bulk light density materials – construction debris, soils, concrete pieces, raw materials, general cargo, etc…
  • Transport large volume in single conveyance
  • Meet all Federal railroad regulations
  • 110 Ton weight capacity
  • 52' 6" L x 9' 6" W x 5' 6" T
  • 2,743 cubic feet capacity
  • 1996 and newer

Flatbed Railcars

  • Capacity to transport 8 intermodals (double stacked) simultaneously (twice as many as most flatbed railcars)
  • Ideal for projects with long distance transport without direct rail service on site
  • Equipped with ISO twist-lock connectors that easily secure the intermodal containers to the railcar
  • Meet all Federal railroad regulations
  • 354,000 lb / 177 Ton weight capacity
  • 89' 11 -1/2" L x 10' 2" W x 3' 10-1/16" H

Bulk Packaging

Intermodal Containers

  • Containers meet the requirements of 49CFR 173.411 for Industrial Packaging Group 1 (IP-1)
  • Rail and truck compatible
  • Single piece aluminum lid with continuous gasket – easily slides to the side to allow for quick and easy top loading
  • Rear door with continuous gasket – allows the container to be dumped quickly emptying the contents and reducing the handling and cycle time;
  • Fork pockets for bottom lifting
  • ISO corner castings at the top and bottom of each corner post – allow for top lifting of the container and double stacking of the containers
  • Roll-off compatible – bottom rollers and rails allows for handling on slide rails and roll-off equipment
  • Wind and water-tight seal
  • Total volume capacity of 25 cubic yards
  • Total weight capacity of 60,000 pounds; and
  • Tare weight of 7,500 pounds.
  • 20' L x 8' W x 6.5' H

Cargo Sealand Containers

  • Containers meet the requirements of 49CFR 173.411 for Industrial Packaging Group 1 (IP-1)
  • End double doors with locking capabilities
  • Rail and truck compatible
  • Fork pockets for bottom lifting
  • 20' L x 8' W x 8.6' H and 40' L x 8' W x 8.6' H
  • Total volume capacity of 43 cubic yards
  • Total weight capacity 40,000 pounds

Additional Packaging

Cavanagh Services Group also provides:

  • B12 and B25 metal boxes
  • Soft-sided containers
  • Drums Liners Lids & Tarps